Business Rates Relief

You could be missing out on business rates relief due to you.

Your business may be eligible for business rates relief even if you do not currently receive it. By undertaking a free review with Parker Mills you could save money by receiving rates relief.

The council do not automatically notify you that you are eligible for rates relief even if you are.

Parker Mills & Co. are committed to excellent service and we will always be on hand to help and advise you. Our rates specialists will assess your property and confirm if you qualify for rates relief. If you do, we will handle the entire process for you.

Business Rates Relief
Business Rates Relief

The complexity of the rates system means that it can be difficult to know if your property is eligible.

Our expert knowledge allows us to quickly find out if you could save money.

Business rates relief is applicable in a number of different circumstances.

  • Your property is undergoing building works.
  • The property is partially or fully vacant.
  • If your premises are affected by temporary disruption such as flooding or roadworks you can receive temporary rates relief.

You could be due a refund

To find out if you are eligible for business rates relief contact us for a free, no obligation review.